How to select a lithium battery that bring best values



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Lithium ion batteries offer obvious advantages over traditional lead acid alternatives. But purchasing your brand-new lithium battery is only part of the process. For your battery to perform at its best, it needs to be the right type of battery and properly sized for your application. Here are some important considerations to make as you research your options:


| What Kind of Lithium Battery Do You Need?

  • To choose the right lithium battery type, you should figure out the very initial questions:

1.     What kind of problems do you want lithium batteries to solve?

2.     To which application will you apply the lithium battery?


  • Here are some applications for your better reference:


-       Motor start

If you are looking for a lithium battery to start up your boat, your car or your motorbike, start lithium battery is the right choice. Start lithium battery has very high discharge rate characteristic, it offers a strong power in a very short time to your boat, car or motorbike. Some great start batteries are able to working under very cold weather and harsh environment.


-       Motor backup

If you need to power your motor, lights or other electronic equipment on board, motorbike, motive batterywould be the great choice. Motive battery can delivery different level of current to meet the different power consumption, when you need to accelerate your motor, the power battery can provide you with sufficient power. What’s more, its communication functions can be integrated with your controller, motor or charger to realize an intelligent system. It provides a communication software foundation for intelligent data processing and visual data presentation.


How to select a lithium battery that bring best values


-       Energy backup / Uninterrupted power

If you want to solving the annoyed blackout or decrease the expensive electricity bill. The Yilink energy storage lithium ion battery is an ideal choice. No matter you are off grid or grid connected, the energy storage lithium battery provides a solution that can run for a long time, and can be deployed and operated in various facilities, for example, residential, farm, factory, data room, resort, hotel, school, etc. When it is combined with the solar system, it is the time to maximize the benefits. During the day, it can be charged from solar energy, meanwhile, it can also provide uninterrupted power for your electrical appliances.

 How to select a lithium battery that bring best values

-       Outdoor adventure / emergency power supply

If you want to have an outdoor adventure and are worrying about outdoor electricity. You can also consider the Yilink portable lithium ion battery supply. It is an indoor and outdoor multi-purpose power supply, for outdoor travel, frequent power failure, no power area, to provide backup power. The portable multi-functional energy storage station based on lithium-ion battery with lightweight and super long stand-by features. It provides output like USB, type C-PD, DC, AC, automobile cigarette port and other common power interfaces, common voltage range. You can use it to power almost all kinds of small and medium-sized digital equipment, household appliances, vehicle emergency appliances.


 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­How to select a lithium battery that bring best values

  • -       Electronics

If you are looking for safe and flexible lithium ion battery for your electronics project, lithium polymer batteries will be a good choice. It can adapt to your design with any shape, voltage, capacity, and shell.

How to select a lithium battery that bring best values



In the next article, we will focus on 'what lithium battery size is the best for your application' to further expand on the topic of 'how to select a lithium battery that bring best values' for you.


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How to select a lithium battery that bring best values



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